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"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

The project of the experimental center of quantum medicine – Czech Republic!

Czech Republic - Prague

The project of the experimental center of quantum medicine:
Classical and alternative quantum biomedicine –
longevity for selected people!

Those who can hold out in this life for 15-20 years,
then, thanks to quantum biophysics, will open the way to immortality!

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Your profitable long-term contribution in a stable Czech Republic
to a medical center at the famous resort of the world!

There are two ways to exist:
accept the death or pass into quantum vibrations and live forever!

          Medical and rehabilitation center of the new generation for 200 visits per day using quantum medical biotechnology and the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

          Everyone who visited of Prague and the resorts of Western Bohemia knows that there are a sufficient number of small and medium-sized guesthouses and hotels, rented apartments, large hotels with a set of standard balneological services. There is no medical specialized center at the resorts, but there is a great demand in it. There is a hospital in Karlovy Vary, but it is mainly for local residents. In Prague, there is also a shortage of specialized medical centers and there is a great demand for them.

        The main objective of the project is to provide specialized medical services for international patients from different countries, as well as citizens of the Czech Republic and Germany on insurance medicine. The annual visit to the resorts is more than 1,5 million people from different countries of the world.
The center will serve up to 70,000 patients per year. When servicing  in the center each patient will have their own electronic medical record and contact the center for consultation, regardless of where they live. Taking into account modern means of communication, the patient of the center will be able, on the basis of his medical record, to receive medical recommendations and use them in combination with the recommendations of the attending physician at the place of residence. If necessary, arrive at the center.

       Location of the project: Prague – Western Bohemia: one of the blessed places in Europe, where located the famous resort triangle all over the world!
Prague is the capital and major international political and business center of Europe!

      Main resorts: Karlovy Vary / diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, diabetes, effects of hepatitis /, 36 km Marianske Lazne / neurology, respiratory and urinary diseases /, 40 km Františkovy Lázně / cardiology, female diseases /, 30 km Kinžvart / children’s diseases /, 10 km Yakhimov / diseases of the musculoskeletal system, radon /.

       The goal of the project: medical care for patients in resorts, medical care for Czech patients with direct payment and through medical insurance companies, medical care for German patients with payment through medical insurance companies. Provision of high-standard medical services indicated in the project, due to their high demand.

Medical services for the project:

Medical department – 6 ordinations with the latest diagnostic equipment and medical biotechnology: 
Dentistry – two places: a complete set of dental services and dental surgery.
Urology – prevention and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, restoring erection and improving orgasm, infertility;
Psychoneurology – psycho-correction, suggestive therapy,  removal and relief of psychological dependence, rebooting the body from stress and depression, rehabilitation after an illness.
Cardiology – treatment and rehabilitation of the circulatory system and cerebral circulation.
Musculoskeletal system – prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
The skin of the body and face – prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

Rehabilitation department:
     – Oxygen therapy – pressure chambers x 3 devices.
Rehabilitation rooms with the use of unique technologies, different techniques, quantum suspension, natural components, etc.
Special hydrotherapy and a pool with bioenergy water and thermal procedures: Russian and Roman baths.
Acupuncture (Chinese specialists) and other rehabilitation procedures.

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible!
(Albert Einstein)

     Special programs:
The presence of these six medical directions will allow those who choose for themselves the task of actively maintaining the body and longevity, to apply special programs based on modern achievements in biophysics and medicine.
Changing a person’s biological age – individual rejuvenation programs.
Programs reincarnation – correction of the physical, astral and spiritual state of the body, programmed reincarnation.

     The medical center will have contracts with leading world specialists that will ensure prevention and treatment using advanced biotechnologies, methods and continuous improvement of the medical services provided by the center.

     The center will conduct research and development work that will ensure the attraction of grants and subsidies from the European Union for their implementation.

     The medical center will serve as the base institution for internships for students of Charles University in Karlovy Vary – physiotherapy. There is a preliminary agreement with the management company.

          The enlarged calculation of the main costs for the project:

 – purchase of land area 8.000 – 10.000 m2 ≈ €1.000 million.
– design and construction of the building “turnkey” with rehabilitation equipment – 3.500 m2 – € 4,500 million.
– medical technologies for equipping six medical ordinances and two ordinations for special programs – € 2,500 million.
– transport, auxiliary technical equipment and other costs for the maintenance of the building of the medical center are planned to be within ± 0.300 million euros.
– landscaping and external engineering networks are planned to be within ± 0.400 million euros.
– reserve working capital is planned in the range of ± 0.400 million euros.

Total funding is planned € 9,30 million EURO.

Terms of project financing:
          I. Investment deposits of individuals or companies from different countries: 40% or 3,720 million EURO. Each contribution is issued with a certificate of cash contribution to the project of a medical center with the right of ownership in proportion to the number of certificates acquired and with the receipt of a charge of 6,50% per annum on each certificate.

       The participant receives participation in the project and ownership based on the number of certificates of contribution and term in accordance with section 14 § 2747-2755 of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic

     The frequency of interest payments on the certificate under the deposit agreement of the project participant with the management company is carried out according to the financial rules of the Czech Republic (quarterly, six months, a year – the participant chooses).

     Payment of interest on the deposit starts 10 months after the date of commencement of the work of the medical center in CZK.

       II. The funds of the management company and the agreed loan: 60% or 5,580 million EURO – (rate 2-3%) for the management company from a Czech bank for a period of 6 years or the participation of a direct investor.

          The amount for deposits is 3.720.000 EURO and is divided into 468 registered deposit certificates of the project participants.

The certificate of deposit has a nominal value of
EURO 7.950,00.

Investment certificate of the participationThe economic calculation of the profitability of the project is provided after the receipt of the application for the investment contribution to the certificates of the project participant.

          A project participant can purchase a deposit certificate in rubles or other currency at the rate of the People’s Bank of the Czech Republic. Participant – investor can purchase any number of certificates from 001 to 468.

       Save and profitable to increase the available funds are provided in the project to participants – investors, as well as receive unique methods of recovery.

          Payment of funds under the deposit certificates is made to a special account opened for the project by the bank of the management company Tinowa Group s.r.o. Write-off of funds from a special account is made only for the costs of the project in accordance with the financial documentation and the project implementation schedule.

       Special project account for the purchase of certificates by the project participants of the Tinowa Group sr.r.o .: Raiffeisenbank, CZ, branch of Karlovy Vary, Tinowa Group s.r.o. ul. Sopečná 198, 360 07 Karlovy Vary, account number No. 5629688001, bank code 5500, SWIFT: RZBCCZPP, IBAN CZ3055000000005629688001. In the appointment to write: “Medical Center KV CZ”.

       Protection of deposit certificates of project participants is guaranteed by Czech law, control of financial institutions, by a bank (the bank insures deposits up to 2,500,000 CZK, which corresponds to the cost of 10 certificates), insurance and is provided with the object of deposit – a medical center. All nominal certificates on the contribution are registered in the register of participants – project contributors.

       In accordance with § 2747-2755 of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, certificates of participants – contributors to the project, the protection of personal information is observed.

The maturity of registered deposit certificates is 72 months. After the expiration of the circulation period of the nominal certificate of deposit, the certificate holder has the right to return the invested funds from the management company at the nominal value of the certificate of deposit.

       Preference for the participant – the depositor of the holder of the nominal certificate of contribution: after the period of circulation of funds in the project participant – the investor can enter into an agreement with the management company to continue the contribution for a period agreed with the management company or sell the certificates to the management company at an agreed cost by the parties.

         Medical preferences: the participant – the investor receives the right once a year for free for 12 days an individual course of rehabilitation therapy in accordance with the prescriptions of the doctors. The right to a rehabilitation course in the amount of 50% of the cost is also received by one relative of the contributor based on the written confirmation of the participant.

     The project period of 15 years or more is indefinite, and accordingly the deadline for obtaining% for deposit certificates can be long at the request of the participant under an agreement with the management company.

Planned terms of the project:

Preliminary applications for the acquisition of certificates of contribution from October 1, 2019.
The beginning of registration of nominal certificates of contribution – November 01, 2019.
The end of the registration of acceptance of funds for certificates – December 15, 2019.
The start of the project is April 1, 2010.
The planned commissioning of the object is August 01, 2021.
The output to design capacity period of the medical center by patients is 8 months.

Project management:

          Project management is carried out by Tinowa Group s.r.o. The company is in investor agreement in accordance with §2747 – 2750 of the Czech Republic.

          – The company under the contract of participation in the project conducts the sale of the stated number of certificates, places the funds for deposit certificates on a special project account in the bank and writes the certificate holders to the register of project participants.

          – Attracts loans or direct investment.

          – Performs all types of design and construction of the object “turnkey”.

          – Carries out the organization and management of the work of the medical center personnel and the operation of the facility

          During the design, construction and prior to the commissioning of the object, it provides monthly financial reports on the costs to the bank to the lender and the participants – depositors by email.
The management company maintains accounting records and conducts a financial calculation of payments quarterly or for half a year (agreed with the participant) to contributing members at the rate of 6,50% per annum for the amount of the deposit certificate. All calculations are made in the Czech crown.

          Tinowa Group s.r.o. carried out the development of the project, fulfilled the concept of the project, for the implementation of the project was approved by the state building inspection for design

          Applications for participation in the project and the acquisition of personalized certificates of deposit of funds are sent to the address: doctor@tinowa.com or project@bioactivwater.com

        Consultations and answers to questions by phone: + 420 777 555 501 or Skype: tinowa.group

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Management Company Tinowa Group s.r.o.

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