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International Management Company
Tinowa Group & Partners
"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

About Us

About Us

Tinowa Group provides services on engineering and project management for implementation of the projects in different fields of activity.

Project management is carried out in accordance with the international standard ISO 21500: 2012.
Member of the Union of medium- and small-scale industries of the Czech Republic AMSP CR.

The customer has a project, maybe even an idea, has some financial means and real estate and has the intention to develop conditions for the project implementation using innovative technologies, to use international financial and investment resources to obtain a product or services of a new generation, which ensures stable liquidity of the project. To realize such opportunities customers rely on companies, that deal with the development and management of projects. The ability to manage a project creates the basis for achieving the goal and getting a new product on the market.

The key factor of success of Tinowa Group in project management is the thorough conduct of expert investigation of the project (project idea) on a primary stage on a contractual basis with the development of terms of reference for the design implementation and development of a specific project implementation plan, which ensures the minimization of risks and the construction of effective project management, a real definition of amount of funding.

Detailed development of the terms of reference allows to determine the main technical and construction segments of the project. The expert conclusion creates organizational, legal and financial schemes for interaction between international participants in the implementation of the project.

Using expert conclusion and terms of reference, the company carries out the development of project documentation, consisting of the main materials, that are necessary for getting a building license.

The developed by our company project documentation together with the target partners is balanced according to the key criteria, has innovative inventions, and in accordance with this, creates an investment component for the project implementation.

By virtue of the building license and the contract agreement, our company performs the functions of attracting additional financing under the export credit scheme in the amount of up to 70% of the total project financing, and provides the customer of the project with opening of a credit line on favorable terms from European banks.

In the process of implementation of the project, our company ensures the execution of process and functional services, as well as control management of the level of services of all participants in the project implementation stages through the project management office.

The implementation of integrated project management allows achieving the project goal with the successful realization of the produced services or products.

Our company in the territory of Russia and the EEU countries has an opportunity to carry out design and construction works in different directions.
In a short time the company will ensure the implementation of the project with the most profitable financial, design, technical solutions in cooperation with European and local executive structures and will attract an export loan.

The form of communication in case of interest to international services of our company has different types.

Prior letter. This correspondence deals with the initial stage of the development of relations and carries the study of the possibilities of the parties to the project.

Presentation letters. Providing various information on the project for understanding the technical and other parts of the project.

Letter of Intent. As a result of the information exchange on the project, the parties agree on the development of relations under which the Customer sends a letter of indent to our company according to the international format (LOI), which confirms the Customer’s seriousness in placing the order in the company. In this case, our company conducts an overall assessment of the project and sends a confirmation to the Customer about the possibility of accepting the order for the implementation of the project. By virtue of the performance of work according to the LOI, the parties agree on the conditions for concluding a contractual relationship for the type of services for the project and hold working meetings.

Letter of guarantee. It is carried out within the pre-contractual stage of concluding contractual relations.

Tinowa Group in the territory of the Russian Federation & EEU
has a sub-company and a lawyer’s office

For implementation of your project send us your application and correspondence to: info@tinowa.com

About Us

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