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International Management Company
Tinowa Group & Partners
"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

Representatives of the group

Igor Oberemko

Dr. Igor Oberemko – Director of «Tinowa Group s.r.o.»

Year of birth: 1948.

Education: Kazakh State Polytechnic Institute – mining engineer 1976; Kazakh State University, Faculty of Law – jurist, 1986; Higher Banking School, 1992, Austria, Vienna.

Occupation: engineer-head of department in design institutes, head of mining companies for oil and gas production. minerals, head of structures in government agencies, head of a construction company, lawyer, judge of the 3rd class, editor-in-chief of a legal newspaper, chairman of the board of directors, company manager, chairman of the fund council.

Social activities: author of articles and books on legal topics, screenwriter and director of documentary films, lawyer of the St. Petersburg Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of the Peter the Great International Foundation (Czech Republic).

Scientific activity: the author of the balneological product – quantum suspension “Tinowa”, registered in the State Inspectorate for the Control of Medicinal Products in the Czech Republic. Author of the development of the system “Unified Ecological Safety of Cities”.

Communication: lawyer@tinowa.com
Skype: tinowa.group Tel.: + 420 777 555 501, ul. Sopečná 198, 360 07 Karlovy Vary, CZE

City Ecology

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Bioactive drinking water

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