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"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

Bioactive water production

 «The demand for bottled potable water is about 15 billion liters a day, and production is 5 billion a year. Due to the climate change more and more countries will be forced to use imported bottled potable water».  UN statistics.
«This is a rapidly developing market, in which many countries being left far behind. It should be understood, however, that inert bottled water, which is not an electron carrier, is mostly available on the markets of the countries». Tinowa Group & Partners, scientific project developer.

Water is the matrix of life!
Bioactive water productionProduction of quantum potable water «P-ACTIV WATER»

 Millions of people can live without cars, electricity, diamonds, money, gold
and even love, but no one ever without water
Tinowa Group

The essence of the project.

Who can answer how to rate an extra day of human life? Based on the laws of quantum biophysics of water, an innovative solution to the problem of extending life for decades is offered. The solution is based on the consumption of bioenergetically – active potable water, which has a restorative effect on the structural and physical state of intracellular water and a controlling effect on the cell cycle. For those who want to prolong their active life and gain the ability to reincarnate!
«Human health is determined by the bioenergy state of the organism’s aquatic environment, which must maintain a non-local connection with an electronic saturation of the environment and sources of potable water».
The actualization of the problem of bioenergetic activity of potable water is caused by global geophysical changes, as a result of which a new risk factor for human health and life has arisen – electronic deficiency, and therefore: an increase in oncological diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc., regardless of medical and pharmacological success.

The purpose of the project

Organization of production of bioenergetically active potable water from rising groundwater source with its physical activation and formatting of water by vapour isomers based on the laws of the new science “Biophysics of Water” for consumption by population of different countries by bioenergetic bottled potable water with non-local effect. Production of special bottled potable water for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases as well as active longevity. The use of bioenergetically active potable water by the population of the Czech Republic and EU countries will significantly reduce their health care costs.

Types of manufactured production

  1. Natural potable water «Tinowa Energy» with the content of methacremnic acid and activation in the process of water storage in the manufacturer’s packaging.
  2. Natural potable water «Tinowa Matrix» with the content of methacremnic acid and the addition of a quantum water concentrate enriched by water vapour isomers.

Bioenergetic active potable water – increased life expectancy and the ability to reincarnate!

 Executive summary of the investment project of «Tinowa Group» company

 Production of bioenergetically active potable water «Tinowa Energy» and special bioenergetically drinking water «Tinowa Matrix»
with formatting by water vapor isomers. 

 The cost of the initial stage of the project implementation.
The total amount of funding for stage I of the project 6.970 million euros, 5.5 million euros attracted.

Current situation. Only water chemistry is indicated on the labels by manufacturers of potable water. There is no information concerning bioenergetic (physical) component of produced bottled water. The actualization of the problem of bioenergetic activity of potable water is caused by global geophysical changes, as a result of which a new risk factor for human health and life has arisen – electronic deficiency. Its impact is manifested in the increase in morbidity from non-communicable diseases, the root cause of which are cellular metabolic disorders caused by degradation of the associated water phase in the body, which performs regulatory functions. At the same time, this health and life risk factor is most pronounced in industrialized countries, in regions with a high man-caused load, including the European Union, the United States, China and other countries.

Bioactive water productionBusiness goal of the project.   Production and distribution of bioenergetically active potable water «Tinowa Energy» and «Tinowa Matrix» from the explored rare underground rising freshwater springs in Russia, Slovakia, and some other countries, having a physical energy state containing methacrylonitic acid and possessing a quantum non-local effect. Example: deposits representing the main source of groundwater discharge center from mountain sediments of Turonian-Maastrichtian carbonate series of Upper Cretaceous period with flow rate more than 665 m3/day. pH = 7.7. or deposits of Upper Paleozoic, located at the junction of platforms.

       Surface nongravity springs were explored by research team of Tinowa Group. According to the laboratory research, there are very few underground sources analogues of potable water with non-local connections and bioenergetic component in the world. The presence of a desired content of natural metasilicic acid in the water and the use of an industrial activating process provides stability of preserving water bioenergetic potential. The addition of a special quantum water concentrate of vapor-water (Bioactive para-water matrix) allows restoring the basal states of cellular Metabolically determined non-communicable diseases, that provides treatment of metabolic etymology diseases and active longevity.

The utilisation of biologically active «Tinowa Energy» water will reduce medical expences for citizens and accelerate treatment process of metabolically determined non-communicable diseases such as sugar disease, oncology, systemic disturbance of osteogenesis etc. The usage of bioactive potable water will allow to change the paradigm in methods of the prevention and treatment of human non-communicable diseases, health maintaining and active life prolongation without the insecure bioengineering technologies operation.

Since the scientific base requires expanding the research of the utilisation of biologically active water, the project provides formation of the health care center in Czech Republic in order to supervise treatment of non-communicable diseases with quantum potable bottled water. The protocols of the check studies will become an evidence base for consumers. Complex: production and its own medical center in the therapy area will enable the expansion of production in the planned facilities.   The cost is €5.16 million.

Bioactive water production It is envisaged to build a modular building for natural water abstraction at the points of groundwater emanation associated with the processes taking place in the planet’s layers. Source water treatment and physical activation is carried out without the use of destructive technologies affecting the water, which is an indispensable prerequisite for the actualization of technology to maintain the bioenergetic activity of water during storage and usage in consumer products. Source water is bottled in 0,5 litres and 1,0 litre PET bottles and glass bottles. The produced water is bioenergetically active potable water ‘Tinowa Energy’ and special bioenergetically active water ‘Tinowa Matrix’, enriched with para-isomeric water. The project envisages the in-house production of a quantum water concentrate based on para-isomer water and its sale to bottlers.

Initial capacity of the enterprise: ≈ 25,000,000 liters per year. (18,000,000 bottles one liter drink water “Tinowa Energy” and – 7,400,000 bottles one liter special water “Tinowa Matrix”). Planned capacity of the project is 250.0 million liters per year.

Property Rights and Confidentiality. The ownership of the project belongs to the Tinowa Group and Dr. Igor Oberemko and is protected by law. Provision of detailed information to financial partners is carried out only on the basis of legal agreements to structures that have the financial means to participate in the project.

According to the value of the redox potential, which characterizes the stability of the cellular antioxidant protection system and the degree of loading of cellular structures with free radicals, “Tinowa Energy” water can also be classified (with or without activation) in the medium level, which allows a certain adequate level of growth of cellular apoptosis, which, with long-term consumption, causes a reduction in the risk of chronic non-communicable diseases.

In terms of thermodynamic and rheological properties, the potable water enriched with methacrylonitic acid and subjected to physical activation belongs to the low activity level, which is due to the specifics of maintaining its high-energy state, assuming a high variability of rearrangement of the supramolecular structure of the associated aqueous phase over time.

According to the structural-physical arrangement of the associated aqueous phase, «Tinowa Energy» water provides a high degree of hydration of protein and protein-lipid structures in body cells, allowing it to stimulate efficient intracellular electronic transportation and transfer of intracellular metabolites, as well as to have a stabilizing regulatory effect on the cell cycle. «Tinowa Energy» water (activated) is characterized by a pronounced effect on the conformational activity of protein complexes required for enzyme-substrate interaction, on the activation of mitochondrial activity (synchronization of oxidative and energy metabolism) and vesicular transport.

Conclusions. According to the research results pursuant to bioenergy activity classification and subsequent to the results of experimentative estimate “Tinowa Energy” potable water could be qualified as average bioenergy activity level, that provides risk reduction of the occurrence of chronic noncommunicable diseases, increasing the body’s adaptive capabilities to environmental stress factors, normalization of physiologically full development and stimulation of human creativity.

“Tinowa Matrix” potable water technological features of production redound to maintenance of a non-equilibrium structural and physical state in the water based on the establishment of non-local (in the space) quantum interconnectedness with water producing activating process.

The main target sales market. Not taking into account a number of other non-communicable diseases that are also speading the diabetes epidemic is growing rapidly in many countries. There are 485.0 million patients with type II diabetes in the world conforming to official WHO statistics. In fact, this is more than 1 billion people. There are more than 41 million people suffer from diabetes in India, in China – more than 250.0 million people. Diabetes ranks 4th in mortality in European countries. In Russia and Kazakhstan there are more than 15 million diabetic patients. In recent times type II diabetes has been registered on a large scale among children and adolescents. In some parts of the world type II diabetes has become the prevailing type of diabetes among children. Cardiovascular diseases, oncology, arthritis, osteoporosis, diseases of the psychosomatic sphere, etc. should be appended to diabetes.

Proposed production (input capacity)

I stage. 2022 – 2023

Water-bottling portable factory with a capacity of 18.000 million liter bottles per year based on using a new generation of four-layer PET molds. (EU production)
Water-bottling processing line with a capacity of 7.400 million liter bottles per year based on using 1.0 liter glass bottles. (EU production)
Production and sale 18.0 million PET bottles per year of “Tinowa Energy” potable water.
Production and sale 7.4 million glass bottles per year of “Tinowa Matrix” bioenergetic potable water.

II stage – 2023 – 2024

Expansion of production to 250.0 million liters per year. The planned net profit will be in the range of €30,00 million per year.

The world water trend takes place away from political debates about oil, wars, etc. Today the world market of potable and mineral water is one of the fastest growing, with an annual increase of 15-20%. Many countries do not have high-quality fresh potable water including the countries of the European Union, due to the man-made impact on groundwater in Europe. High-quality active water is necessary to be understood as water with physical component, not the inert one that is commercially available, which is used when taking a shower or a bath. Inert water causes many diseases in our body, since there is no physical component in it. Bioenergetic water has a non-local effect and connects our body with the lithosphere, providing energy nutrition to our cells. While buying and consuming water people do not reflect about the consequences for their health, because they do not manifest immediately, they simply have no choice. The administrations of many countries do not solve the problems of providing their population with active water. It could be easily explained by politicians who always lag behind science, having other interests.

Tinowa Group company develops and implements turnkey enterprises for bioactive potable water production and bottling through the use of ascending underground sources,  using advanced European technologies and proprietary innovations of quantum biophysics of water.

Our projects do not require expensive construction works. Technologies are placed in a prefabricated building module with an area of 1000 m2. The filling technology has a fully automated production and do not require a large number of staff, complies with the norms of the SanPiN.

Modular plant of potable water container filling and bottling has passed certification and investigation in Russia. Registration number of the declaration of conformity: EEU No. RU Д-DE.MO 10.B.03383 of 28.11.2017.

Brief economics of the project: depending on the capacity of the project and on the location of the enterprise the overall expenditures of turnkey work is in the range of 4.5 – 6.5 million euros. Export credit is granted for a period of five years or more. The loan rate ranges to the extent of 2.5% and depends on the guarantee, determines at the stage of project financing.

«We drink 80% of our illnesses» (Louis Pasteur).
 The remaining 20% is gained from our own carelessness
in taking care of the water we drink and consume! (Dr. Igor Oberemko)


The standard version of the project. (aggregated estimation)
The productivity of a modular plant with installations for active potable water filling.
Two installations – PET bottles: ± 18.000.000 liter bottles per year.
Two installations – 1.0 liter glass bottles ± 7.000.000 liters/year.
Total volume 25.000.000 liters/year

The funds invested in the development and preparation of the project amount to 1.470 million euros. The funds raised are 5,5 million euros. Distribution of 300 (three hundred) investment certificates in different countries for an amount of 3.00 euros (55%) with a deposit amount of 10,000 Euros per investment certificate with a yield of 10%. Gaining a loan from the bank in the amount of 2.50 million euros at 3,5% per annum for a period of 6 years.

Information about the progress of the project provides by the company to the project participants, holders of investment certificates during the first week of each month to the email address indicated by the owners in the contract.

In case of implementation the project in Russia or in the country of project location 20% of products (5,000,000 bottles/liter) sold domestically, with a yield of 46,500,000 rubles/year (0.517 million euros) at a selling price of 9,30 rubles/liter bottle.

Sales of 80% of products (20.000.000 bottles/liter) for export to the Czech Republic and EU countries at a selling price of 13.52 CZK/1 liter or €0.56 from a warehouse in Western Czech Republic. The yield on the export of products will be 270.400.000 CZK or 11.367.000 euros/year.

Net profit is calculated taking into account the location of the enterprise for bioactive potable water production and bottling and the costs of organizing sales in the domestic market of the country of the enterprise and the country of export.

The project provides investing 30% of the received profit in production expansion of bioactive bottled potable water for four years. Selection of deposits of ascending underground sources in different countries, establishment of enterprises and organization of sales. Invest 10% of the received profit on scientific activity. Invest 10% for charitable purposes – charitable supplies of bioactive bottled potable water to medical hospitals in different countries.

The profit received in the amount of 50% covers the initial loan, payment to project participants with investment certificates in the amount of 10% of the invested amount in the investment certificate.

For the second stage (2023-2025) of the project development, the production capacity of bioactive bottled potable water in the amount of 250.000.000 bottles/liter is planned.

Bioactive water productionBioactive water production
Water that cannot be drunk! In recent decades, humanity has faced new threats to its sustainable development – climate changes and a pandemic of metabolic diseases, which are based on a a common root cause. The reason is the “shortage of electrons” in the geosphere of the planet, which origin is connected with the exploration of new quantum technologies in various spheres of production and life, as well as the increasing conventional technogenic load.

Water is an intermediary between the human body and the environment as the main source of life in changing geophysical conditions related to the transformation of the electronic component of the Earth, which has the properties of nonlocality and superfluidity. However, certain conditions which are being destroyed all-around by modern water conditioning technologies and urbanized environment are necessary for the implementation of these quantum processes of energy exchange. Moreover, the geosphere itself is no longer capable for providing the bioenergetic activity of water necessary for the maintenance of metabolic processes. As a result, we are witnessing an increasing rate of diseases of metabolic etiology, as well as the therapeutic medicine itself, based on medicinal methods of treatment, demonstrates its inability to cope with the metabolic pandemic.

And the main reason for this is the same – the biological inertia of potable water. Water that does not possess electron-donor properties generates a wide range of metabolic disorders. These include a impairment of the energy function of the cells  mitochondria and the accumulation of incomplete oxidation products, the occurrence of hormonal regulators imbalances, a decrease in the transport function of cell organelles, a decrease in the reserves of cell adaptation (cellular immunity) and other systemic disorders in the functioning of cells. This water could not be drunk!

In the conditions of increasing technogenic impact on the biosphere and the inability of official state structures to fulfill the issues of regulating the technogenic loads on ecosystems, technologies of potable water activation are becoming relevant. Moreover, those technologies of water activation that provide a non-local connection of the human body with electrophysically active areas of the geosphere, of which there are very few left, are becoming in demand. These are mainly land areas of the planet with Cretaceous deposits in aquifers, located far from urbanized areas and remote over many kilometers from technological and research centers using cold plasma technologies, including leverages over the ionosphere of the planet.

The objectives of the project are to use the biosphere resource of bioenergetically active potable water and provide its conservation!

 Production facilities: modular building for water bottling, modular building for quantum concentrate production, technical premises, office building, laboratory building, residential buildings for specialists, engineering facilities, auxiliary facilities.

Stage I personnel: total number of employees is 27 people.

 Additional information. Obtained by classical water treatment technology, «Tinowa Energy» potable water potentiated (diluted in a ratio of 1:10³-10⁴) with high-energy water substance, acquires high bioenergetic properties, corresponding to the needs of normal functioning of human body cells. Food products, including juices, tea, coffee, bioproducts, bakery products, etc., prepared using the potentized high-energy aqueous substance are characterized by higher consumer appeal and palatability traits.

 Dear colleagues and project participants!

Quantum water biophysics technologies based on the laws of non-local interaction will enable us to build on the unique resources we have discovered to create a strong commercial direction in the trade of bioactive water that will preventatively protect the health of the part of the world’s population that will buy and consume it. The consumption of bioactive potable water is particularly important in the context of the spreading coronavirus disease and the practical reduction of the world’s population. One in five people on the planet today is infertile, and the inert water consumed by the population plays a large part in it. Everyone chooses what to drink.

Our company and scientists have developed and launched a startup programmer for the implementation of water biophysics projects, and we invite you to dialogue and business meetings if you are interested in this project and a high income.

 Best regards, Tinowa Group & Partners

 Bioactive water production

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