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International Management Company
Tinowa Group & Partners
"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill
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    International management company Tinowa Group

    International management company

    Innovation – Project planning – Investments and credits
    Project Management – Turnkey projects!

    Tinowa Group invites companies to extend business opportunities and partnership relations on the territory of Czech Republic, Russian and other EEU member countries.   Member of the Union of Industrialists of Medium and Small Enterprises in the Czech Republic.

    How to become successful in Czechia, Russia and Eurasian Economical Union?

    • The mission of our group is ensure the business partners with confirmed contract, product requests, projects in the field of design, construction and engineering services through our existing system.
    • Mutual participation in the trading, design, construction, technological and others projects, the creation of profitable investment projects in Czechia, Russia and the EEU, protected at all levels.
    • Joint profit with partners from realization orders product and investment projects.

    The basis of success: why Tinowa Group?

    • Tinowa Group has Top-management with huge experience in management and creation of investment projects. Stable business contacts at all levels, allow working with database of product requests and investment projects.
    • Tinowa Group – is the developed information and marketing system, full commercial legal protection, economic analysis in individual project selection, protection at all levels to promote the project and full access to all information about the management of the project and its prospects.
    • Tinowa Group providing with own marketing and economic investigation of projects, as well as analyze of competitors, verification of legal status, creditable and any other status of the company.
    • Tinowa Group has it their own development in industrial ecology at the turnover with waste, quantum biophysics water and rehabilitation medicine.

    A positive for the implementation of orders and investment projects is its own structure:

    Lawyer office of Tinowa GroupLawyer Office in Czechia and Saint – Petersburg (Russia), which is the juridical protection and administrative resources, who works in the system of legal consulting, protection of the interests in public and in the courts.


    Tinowa RU (Tinowa Group daughter company)Daughter company “Tinowa RU” is located in Sochi (Russia), since 2004, has general licenses in the territory of the Russian Federation.
    We have own marketing and information network. Also, we have contacts with government agencies, large group of partner companies in Czechia, Russia and EEU.

    What we produce?

    Presentation of a business partner to customers.

    Performing activities for certification of services, equipment, technologies, etc. in state bodies.

    Organization of business and commercial representation in Russia and the EEU states and management of its activities.

    Organization of production of bioenergy drinking water in Russia and EEU. (Russia holds the main quality drinking resources in the world). Certification. Organization of export to the EU and various countries. Annual growth is 15-20% and will continue. Around 2025, water becomes a scarce resource (UN Statistics)

    Consulting in the field of trade, design and construction orders.

    Creation of innovative technologies and equipment based on the laws of quantum biophysics.

    Technical and marketing consulting in the fields of engineering, energy, chemistry, mining and metallurgy.

    Organizing and consulting in realization the projects and building orders.

    Distributor services – the organization for the customer of wholesale or retail sale in the territory of the Eurasian Union, the countries of the European Union, Iraq and other countries.

    Projects of industrial ecology by turnover with all types of waste.

    Projects quantum biophysics of water in agriculture spheres of life and medicine.

    Application of quantum biophysics in the production of drinking water and foodstuffs.

    Technical and marketing consulting in the field of mechanical engineering, power engineering, chemistry and metallurgy.

    Technical and marketing consulting in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical projects

    Legal and marketing consulting in the selection of orders and investment projects

    Implementation of the project financing and project management to ensure their promotion and protection.

    Services for the organization of events, including investment and industry conferences, business – meetings.

    Interaction with state structures and local governments.

    Cooperation with financial institutions (banks, investors, investment companies) from different countries.

    Tinowa Group is working on licensed activity in the Czech Republic, Russia and EEU. Company Tinowa Group performs the work for licensing and certification services and products in the Czech Republic, Russia and the EEU countries.

    We are sure that you are interesting in our best offer for long-term cooperation with our group to participate in the projects in the Czech Republic, Russia and the EEU countries.

    Participation in the implementation of projects in these countries contributes to the sustainable development of and protection against crises.

    You can send your proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.

    We will create a promotion of your services and products in the markets Czechia, Russia and the countries of EEU.

    We are always glad to answer your questions and organize a meeting in our residence in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

    Prepared projects as of 02.05.2021:

    Project № 1. Innovation. Small-scale power plant of new technical solution – global project for development, organization of production in the Czech Republic.

    Project № 2. Innovation. Production of bio-energy drinking water and export to various states in the Czech Republic and RF. Projects ready for implementation and sales. (Russia holds the main quality drinking sources in the world, around 2025, water becomes a scarce resource (UN Statistics).

    Project № 3. Innovation. Organization of production in the Czech Republic of quantum technologies for farmers, farms, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. – global development project.

    Project № 4. Innovation. Organization of production in the Czech Republic of quantum equipment for local water preparation for residential buildings, public buildings, medical facilities, etc. – a global development project.

    Project № 5. Design and construction of thermal power plants burning TKO and industrial waste. Capacity 20,000 – 500,000 tons per year.
    Project № 6. Design and construction of stations for the use of biological and medical waste. Capacity 2,000 – 10,000 tons per year.
    Project № 7. Design and construction of stations for disposal of waste water (sludge, clay etc.
    Project № 8. Construction of a residential complex of 80,000 m2 of floor space.
    Project № 9. Design and reconstruction of hotels and sanatoriums.
    Project № 10. Design and construction of agricultural and breeding complexes.


    Home pageEurasian Union (EEU): Territory – 1st in the world: 18.007.860,- km2; population – 7th in the world: the human 167.454.573 GDP – 6th in the world: $ 2,550 trillion. (2018).

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    Home pageCzech Republic (CZ) : Territory – 116st in the world: 78.866,- km2; population – 81th in the world: the human 10.553.443 GDP – 50th in the world: $ 343.931 billion. (2016). HDI 0.870 – very high · 28th.

    Czech Republic map

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    Work and live in the Czech Republic   Learn and live in the Czech Republic Own business in the Czech Republic Monetary investments in Czech projects

    The company for specialists of different profiles: workers, technicians, engineers, programmers, doctors and nurses, organizes work on a contract or for permanent residence in the Czech Republic, concluding work contracts with Czech companies.

    The company is guaranteed to places money investments in liquid projects in the Czech Republic with an annual dividend of 4-6% per annum from the invested amount.

    The company interacts with universities and academies in the Czech Republic, organizes training for admission to study, support during the training period and organization of the conclusion of a labor contract.

    The company for people and company who want to have their own stable business in the Czech Republic provides advice, assist in the organization of their own business, if necessary attracts loans from Czech banks, provides business management services.


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