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"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

Trade service

Exporter and Importer Services

Trade serviceTinowa Group – management company, Ltd. is a professional import and export company. We conduct trade operations in the markets of the countries of the European Union and the countries of the Eurasian Union. Practical experience over 20 years.

Exporting your products! Tinowa Group will take all steps to comply with import and export requirements, facilitating customs clearance. Many goods are produced in countries where the safety and performance requirements of the importing country or region are not always fully understood. These requirements have been put into place to ensure the safety of importing countries consumers. Unsafe and unreliable products can result in injury, death or damage to property as well as the costs associated with product recalls, compensation claims and the damage to a brand’s reputation. Companies trading with these countries need to comply with these requirements for customs clearance. Failure to do so can result in severe delays in goods clearance, penalties or even shipments being returned.                                                                          Trade service

Trade serviceTinowa Group will execute the necessary certificates to ensure that the export products meet the standards of the country of export and ensure smooth customs clearance.

Tinowa Group organizes the export  of products and carries out their certification in the EU. Opens sales offices and represents the interests of companies in Europe and other countries, conducts trade operations. They attract investments – export credits and carry out project management. Provide legal services.

Import of products for the consumer! Import is an important component of many industries. Few manufacturers ensure the production of their products at the expense of the domesticTrade service market. Regardless of the development of the state, sometimes it is much more profitable to purchase products in other countries. This is due to a lack of resources and a number of other internal factors.  How to bring goods into the Czech Republic and EU from any country, including how much tax and duty you’ll need to pay and whether you need to get a license or certificate.

The management company Tinowa Group provides a full range of services for enterprises in the Czech Republic and the EU, from accepting an application for the required product, organizing its purchase in other countries, logistics and delivery to the Czech Republic, customs procedure, and transfer to the customer. Prepare your business for import.

Tinowa Group s.r.o.                                                                                                              Trade service

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