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International Management Company
Tinowa Group & Partners
"No matter how good your strategy is, sometimes you need to resort to the help of professionals. The value of project management is not the implementation of the adopted strategy - but the result of the project!" Winston Churchill

Services and prices

Range of services of Tinowa Group & Partners

Tinowa Group and its partners for more than 25 years have been performing project management, engineering, design and construction of industrial and civil objects activities; industrial ecology units and cogeneration thermal power plant on solid and liquid municipal waste, agricultural production processing, medicine and pharmaceuticals; carry out delivery of the equipment.

Arrange export of production and its certification in the EU. Launches trade representative offices and represent interests of companies in Europe; implement trade transactions in Europe.
Perform project management and attract investment through export credits and direct investments.
Provide legal services for international financial procedures and settlement of disputes.

Implementation of “turnkey” projects, with the participation of Czech companies provides maximum cost savings, innovation, quality, attraction of export credit, favorable economic payback period of the projects for our customers.

Tinowa Group company and its partners ensure the following:

performing examination (Pre-Feasibility Study) and project finance (Feasibility Study) to obtain international export credits;
design, construction, installation, architectural and technical supervision.
advise, financial services and promotion of goods and services within the EU, arranging of trade and export transactions.
legal services for customer;
Introduction of Tinowa Group technologies on the basis of Biophysics of water principles allows to create a unique environment which contributes to increasing yield and productivity in agricultural sphere, improve product quality in pharmaceuticals, in the production of drinking water and food, protect health and the environment.

Tinowa Group examination of Customer’s projects pursuant to relevant agreement aimed at working out conditions of technical and financial execution; interaction between the Customer, contractors, service providers, crediting bodies; provide variants of attracting export crediting and conditions of project loans repayment.

  • export credit from foreign banks for implementation of projects pursuant to contractor agreements;
  • lending supply of technical equipment, including leasing;

Arranges and conducts workshops in the Czech Republic on projects and training in the sphere of international funding.

Tinowa Group under the contract conducts investment services in the sphere of export credits for companies from different countries.

For more information you can always email us at: top@tinowa.com or main@bioactivwater.com or call Ph: + 420 777 5555 01.

Tinowa Group is pleased to share its practical experience and experience of our international partners while implementing the projects with use of high technologies, attraction of loans and investments. We will support you in generating a profitable project, technical and financial solutions intended for its implementation.

The services rendered by Tinowa Group.

  • elaboration of project design documentation and engineering activities examination of the project and drawing up technical specifications development of documentation for construction site selection
    • development of project documentation for obtaining building permit
    • development of project financing to obtain additional funding
    • development of legal scheme and documentation to ensure implementation of the project
      working draft development
    • ensuring of environmental conclusion enforcement
    • elaboration of documentation “Environmental Impacts Assessment
    • elaboration of documentation “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
    • legislation of energy efficiency of buildings certificate
    • ensuring building permits
    • keeping records of current project implementation
    • preparation of construction object acceptance
    • making remarks on construction object acceptance
  • contracting activity, acquisition of supplies for all technical specifications and execution of the construction
    • development of specifications for requests and ordering of supplies
    • selection of suppliers of equipment and installation
    • elaboration of a project schedule
    • drafting agreements with the selected suppliers
    • planning and assessing of cash flow
    • elaboration of coordination procedures
    • elaboration of control and supply schedule
    • construction management
    • technical supervision
    • preparation and execution of commissioning activities
    • operating personnel training
    • ensuring of acceptance order
    • warranty and post-warranty service
  • consulting
    • organizational and economic consulting services in the field of construction
    • organizational and economic consulting services in the field of environmental protection
    • technical consulting in the field of industrial and civil construction, chemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy, engineering and metallurgy
    • legal and financial consulting in the field of credit and project financing.
  • financial services
    • attracting of additional funding under the terms of export credit on the basis of the contractor agreements and permits.
    • arranging of attracting EU grants for development of innovative technologies, elaboration of documentation, drafting applications, conducting interaction the European Commission.
  • legal services
    • practice of attorneys in specific cases
    • registration of the company under the contract, and legal support
    • selection of financial partners for projects
    • legal support of business in the European Union
    • conclusion of contracts, support of implementation, enforcement control, filing claims, and debt collection.
    • registration of real estate in the Czech Republic
    • representation of client’s interests in judicial and state bodies

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